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Test your knowledge of Black History & Culture with a Quiz!  Pick from the list below to check out some of our favorite quizzes across PBS. 

The Year 1963 The Year 1963

The year 1963 was a defining moment for the Civil Rights Movement. Test your knowledge of this important time in American history.

Who Said That? Who Said That?

MLK, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson... and the list goes on. Can you identify who said what in this Famous Quotes Quiz?

What’s your Leadership Style? What’s your Leadership Style?

Many different leaders influenced the Civil Rights Movement. What type of leader are you?

FEATURE QUIZ:  Jackie Robinson Beyond Baseball FEATURE QUIZ: Jackie Robinson Beyond Baseball

Jackie Robinson will forever be remembered as one of Baseball's leading legends. How well do you know this baseball legend beyond the field?

Joyous Kwanzaa! Joyous Kwanzaa!

Test your knowledge about this annual celebration of family and culture

Joyous Kwanzaa! What Show is Right for You?

Take our Quiz and let us recommend a show for you!

Brain Teaser: The Arts Brain Teaser: The Arts

Test what you know about African American arts

Brain Teaser: History Brain Teaser: History

Think you know a few things about African American history?

Brain Teaser: Race & Society Brain Teaser: Race & Society

Find out how much you know about the African American cultural legacy.

FEATURE QUIZ: 13th Amendment FEATURE QUIZ: 13th Amendment

On December 6th, 1865 the 13th Amendment was ratified and adopted into the United States Constitution, formerly abolishing slavery across the country. Test your knowledge about this important moment in history, and the events that lead up to it.

Who said what? Who said what?

Can you tell the difference between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr.? They share much more than a name

Who said what? Urban Dictionary Quiz - 2012

Test your 2012 Slang with PBS NewsHour.

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